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Happened in autumn 2019

The main event of this autumn was the second data collection. As in last spring, the children came to the university for half a day. This time we tested mainly children’s math skills – the adventure day's theme being “spy training”. It was a lot of organizing work to be done in order to get all children to do the planned activities in time, as for the first time, some eye-tracking tasks were also conducted for around 100 children. We had a super team of students studying special education to help us the first month of the data collection, as the students did their internship in the project. This was a great experience for both the students and for us! Thanks to our diligent research assistants, the T2 data is already pretty much ready for analyses.

Scored data ready for analyses

During the autumn we have also started to work with the first manuscripts. Currently, one of them focuses on math and motivation profiles, another one on the roles of working memory and number sense in math skills, and the third one on eye-tracking. Some preliminary results of the study of math and motivation profiles were presented in the FERA Conference on Education in November, in Finland. All abstracts of different presentations are and will be included on the project’s website on that language the presentations are given. Our plan is to participate and present new research findings next year in some international scientific conferences.

Math and motivation profiles presentation in FERA conference

Our Christmas calendar on the iSeeNumbers website has received a lot of positive feedback :) We hope to add some new content for the website during the coming months as well.

Wishing you all a very nice Christmas time and looking forward to new adventures in 2020!

On behalf of the iSeeNumbers team

- Riikka



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