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Adventure day 2

This week we started the second round of data collection in our project at UiO, and by the end of the week, 40 students had already visited us. As previously, the children come in small groups for half a day to do different types of tasks. This time the focus is mainly on numeracy and motivation. Some of the children do also numeracy tasks on computer with eye-tracker. The theme for the adventure day is spy training!

For eye-tracking tasks, we have developed novel eye-tracking tasks with some help from our Swedish collaborator. Those tasks focus more specifically on number sense and addition skills. The spy mouse is hidden in these tasks as well.

For the first month of data collection, we are having a super team of seven master students from our department, who are doing their internship in the project. The main activities for the students during the internship are taking part in the data collection, getting familiar with assessment procedures, working with children, and also getting to know what kind of research is conducted and how in our department. Students who participate in data collection, have also possibility to do their master thesis later on related to the project data.

The super team of students from ISP

It will be another six busy weeks ahead of us with data collection, however, with this team, I am confident that we will have nice days ahead of us, and lots of valuable data to work with later on.



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