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Adventure day

From the beginning of the year, we have been busy with all the preparations connected to the data collection – recruiting participants and organizing everything needed for the first data collection. We are glad and thankful to have over 250 children with their parents and teachers to participate in the iSeeNumbers project, and to follow up children's numeracy development over three years. 

Adventure day's structure

During the next two months all children will visit at the University of Oslo (Department of Special Needs Education) in an adventure day. This week, there were already 40 children who took part in astronaut training. The children spend a day with us doing tasks of numeracy, reading, language, executive functions, and answering for some questionnaires which focus on motivation and emotions in mathematics learning. All tasks are connected to be part of the astronaut training, in order to keep the motivation and interest of children in tasks.

The day ends with a little "ceremony" and giving diplomas for the astronauts. Based on the feedback from the children themselves, the days have been a success :)

Small-group room

Astronaut training completed

The projects like iSeeNumbers, and data collections in those, are also very good opportunities for our students studying (special) education to take part in as research assistants. In this spring, in addition to our PhD student Terje who leads the adventure days, we have 21 motivated students, who help us to collect the data. 

Looking forward to interesting adventure days ahead!

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