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iSeeNumbers in X'mas calendar 2020

Each day, until December 24th, you will find a math task in the calendar, which can be solved together in a classroom. 

The tasks have been designed for grades 1–3, but can also be used in other grades, if and when suitable. When solving the problems, it might be good to draw it or use some manipulatives. 

Each correctly solved math problem will give you a letter. These letters form words, but the letters are first mixed in a word. For example, "doog romnnig" would be "good morning". In the end, when having all six words, you should get a name for a Christmas song.

The first word has 5 letters (these letters are from the tasks 1–5).

The second word has 5 letters.

The third word has 2 letters. 
The fourth word has 6 letters.

The fifth word has 2 letters.

The sixth word has 4 letters.

Note. Calendar created by Fride Lillsdatter Ludvigsen, Matin Younesi & Riikka Mononen.

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