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Master's theses connected to the projects


  • Rawlings, A. M., Niemivirta, M., Korhonen, J., Lindskog, M., Tuominen, H., & Mononen, R. (2022). Achievement emotions and arithmetic fluency – Development and parallel processes during the early school years. Learning and Instruction, 86

  • Mononen, R., Korhonen, J., Niemivirta, M., Rawlings, A. M., Tapola, A., & Tuominen, H. (2023). iSeeNumbers project report – Main findings and recommendations for practice. Available from:

  • Throndsen, T. U., Anmarkrud, O., Lindskog, M., & Mononen, R. (2023). Maths anxiety in second grade pupils is associated with increased cognitive effort when solving addition problems. Preprint available from:



  • Mononen, R. & Rawlings, A. (2022). Matematiikka ja tunteet [Math and emotions]. M. Orell, H. Ketovuori, & T-M. Kaarlela (toim.) Helposti! Tukea, pelejä ja opetusvinkkejä matematiikkaan. FinRa.

  • Throndsen, T. U., Lindskog, M., Niemivirta, M., & Mononen, R. (2022). Does mathematics anxiety moderate the effect of problem difficulty on cognitive effort? Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 63(6), 565–714.

  • Mononen, R., & Niemivirta, M. (2022). Patterns of symbolic numerical magnitude processing and working memory as predictors of early mathematics performance. European Journal of Psychology of  Education.

    • Read the main findings as a blog text here (in Finnish) 

  • Mononen, R., Niemivirta, M., & Korhonen, J. (2022). Predicting mathematical learning difficulties status: The role of domain-specific and domain-general skills. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 4(3), 335–352. Retrieved from



  • Mononen, R., Niemivirta, M., Korhonen, J., Lindskog, M., & Tapola, A. (2021). Developmental relations between mathematics anxiety, symbolic numerical magnitude processing, and arithmetic skills from first to second grade. Cognition and Emotion. Advance online publication. 

    • Check the main findings as infographic here(PDF)

  • Tuominen, H., Niemivirta, M., Korhonen, J., Tapola, A., & Mononen, R. (2021). Matemaattisten taitojen ja motivaation profiilit ensimmäisen luokan oppilailla. Psykologia, 56(6), 548–566.

    • Read the main findings as a blog text here (in Finnish)



  • Mononen, R (2019). Matemaattiset oppimisvaikeudet - selittäviä tekijöitä. Kielikukko, 3, 2–7. (PDF)

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